Old Round Style- 40” Fire Roasted Hickory S-shaped Handle with Epoxy

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Old Round Style 40″ Fire Roasted Hickory S-shaped Handle with Epoxy

Now being replaced with the 40″  hickory ergonomic handle with rectangle chuck

This handle is longer and stronger than you average hoe handle and will save your back while working long hard hours on the fire line. This means it’s less likely to break on a fire. The handle is curved to give you more powerful digging action. Comes with striking tool epoxy.

Replacing Handle (Instructions)

  • Remove neck nut & bolt
  • Heat neck for 1-2 minutes with torch to melt epoxy (do not breath smoke)
  • Another option is to cut the handle near the neck and drill the existing wood out of the neck
  • Pull handle out and clean neck tube
  • Add a little striking tool epoxy, stir and insert new handle
  • Re-attach nut & bolt
  • Let dry for 24 hours


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