Grade 8 Steel Yellow- Nuts, Bolts & Lock Washers Kit (FREE SHIPPING)

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Grade 8 Steel Yellow- Nut, Bolt & Lock Washer Kit
Comes with 4 Grade 8 Nuts, Bolts & Lock Washers to attach any J.R. Fire Tools head on to neck
Also comes with 1 Grade 5 Nut and Bolt to attach handle to neck
Metal on metal with no rubber. Safe for fire fighting.

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One thing to keep in mind is that it’s almost always a safe bet to go with the highest grade of bolt you can when in doubt.

All nuts, bolts and lock washers are Grade 8 on the Rectangle Necks. The Round Necks come with Grade 5 torque lock nuts (only on the neck / head nuts & bolts are Grade 8), because lock washers have not yet been tested on a round surface area.They don’t make Grade 8 Torque nuts.

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